Anabolic steroid

The use of steroids is prohibited in almost all sports, but this does not prevent their active use.

Athletes find new workarounds to detect these illegal drugs in their bloodstream and win the competition thanks to them.

And for American bodybuilding, steroidsp the gym and anabolic steroids are almost inseparable from each other.

What are anabolic steroids

There are enough descriptions of what anabolic steroids are. They are all taken from medical sources using specialized terms.

We will try to illuminate this issue in an accessible “human” language.

Anabolic steroids are biologically active substances produced by our body.

Most people have heard of anabolic steroids as a class of medications. Artificial steroids are widely used in medicine to treat various hormonal diseases. And also in sports, in the form of doping, to improve sports performance.

Their main function is to stimulate metabolic processes in the body:

synthesis of muscle and bone tissue

acceleration of wound healing

fat metabolism and more