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Tarino Towers Apartment , Ikoyi , Lagos

Classification: Above Grade Terrace and Flat Roof Waterproofing in Nigeria

Description:   Tarino Towers Apartment , Ikoyi , Lagos

Contractor : BCL

Consultants: MOA, CCP


A cross Section of the Complete Installation of Marithran Transparent Polyurethane system


This state of the art luxury High Rise apartment in  Ikoyi Lagos, Was been renovated by BCL, Advanced Concrete Technologies Was invited by the Consultants MOA and CCP .


The total roof area was 520 M2. The surface was initially waterproofed with Bituminous felt membrane, then tile was installed. However, despite this the Roof started leaking after just a few years. The challenge was that to install another traditional waterproofing system like bitumen felt the Tiles will have to be removed.


Because the apartments are fully occupied, it was difficult to engage in removing all the tiles and reinstalling another membrane system. Advanced Concrete Technologies was invited in to evaluate the situation and advise the client. After investigation we recommended our transparent polyurethane system which the client was very pleased with .The project has since been completed and handed over.

Why Consider Polyurethane for your projects?

The advantage of polyurethane over existing Felt membrane is that its coefficient of bonding to concrete twice higher than Bitumen, therefore damages can be localized. The fact that it is also jointless , means that there are less chances of leakage at the joints. Finally It is more UV stable, therefore can last two to three times the life of a typical bitumen membrane.



Completed application of Transparent Polyurethane Membrane system for Tiled surfaces.

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